John Moore
4 min readMay 12, 2021


Yes, the party needs to Trump to fade away.

But the rest of the article si mostly drivel - arguing that Trump destroyed the party on issues that are mostly Democratic talking points. Ignoring Trump's remarkable success in mobilizing resources for the pandemic, and putting the US way ahead of Europe in vaccinations. And, of course, ignoring the fact that when Biden proclaimed how Trump had failed on vaccination but Biden was going to get 100,000,000 people vaccinated in his first 100 days, the Trump vaccine campaign was already vaccinating at that rate.

Trump's foreign policy was the best in the US since Reagan. His attacks on unfair trade were long overdue - free trade is not free trade when one side is mercantilist, ignores IP protections, uses spies to steal technology, and has 50% of its industry owned by a dictatorship's government.

We need Trump gone, but we need Trumpism.

And contrary to the idea that Republicans have weak leadership, it is now pretty strong, and will be stronger when Cheney the whiner is gone.

As for "appealing to fear, racism, greed and anger" - the Democrats think it will win for them. That is, the Democrats are all about that appeal. Fear? They whipped up crazy fear about Trump, thinking him another Hitler, then a Putin stooge, impeaching him for nothing based on bad evidence. They want to scare you about everything. They want you afraid of guns, which are responsible for fewer murders in the US that fists and knives. They want you cowering in fear, so you will vote in ever more restrictions on the rights of others, to feel protected.

The Democratic party is also about racism. Yes, it is pro-racism. It wants everyone to be judged, and to be identified and rewarded or punished by the goverrnment, based on their race. That's what "diversity" is all about today. It is not, to the Democratic Party, Marin Luther King's "I have a Dream" ideal of people judged not by the color of their skin, but by their character. But the Democrat Party fully supports racism - the treatment by private and government entities of people based explicitely on their race.

They used to call it "affirmative action" until that wsa ruled unconstitutional because of its blatant, well document racism. So they changed the name to "diversity" in order to rebrand it and keep doing the same thing. And, they sure do it - leftist run universities (which is almost all of them) actively and continuously discriinate based on race. In the old days, they kept out or greatly limited the number of blacks and jews. Now they greatly limit the number of Asians, while requiring whites to have far higher credentials than blacks and other favored genetic groups - i.e. races In other words, pure racism.

Of course, they don't call it that, since they now hold to the purely Marxist theory that the world is.divided into a Manichaean categorization: there are oppressors, and there are the oppressed. If you are oppressed, by definition you cannot be racist. So they don't think of themselves as racists, but they are.

Just last year, Democrats in the California legislature, at the last moment, put a resolution onto the ballot that would have repealed the anti-racist prior referendum, the one that tried to prevent California governments (including the formerly great university system) from discriminating based on race. In other words, they tried to re-legalize racial discrimination by govenrment. Big tech, fully woke, put millions of dollars into the campaign pushing this pro-racism referendum. Even the liberal people of California voted it down, resoundingly.

But the Democrats will keep up their racism.

And Democrats are for greed. It is important to realize that the Democratic Party is the party of the rich, and the party of those who get all their income from government. The rich donate far more to Democrats than they do to Republicans. And the more people in poverty, the more Democratic voters, because of greed - the greed for the government check every month. And, let's not forget the unions, which are bankrupting so many cities and states. The unions own the Democrats, and the unions, which are now mostly composed of government workers, get constant pay increases, and insanely large pension benefits, at the cost of the rest of us. Yes, greed.

And anger... do you really believe that the Democratic Party and its minions don't revel in anger? If so, you haven't watched CNN or MSNBC. You haven't seen the marchers in the streets under the banner of "All Cops are Bastards" - marchers whose front group - Black Lives Matter - has gotten millions of dollars from Democrats.

No, your article is puerile. It takes Trump's faults, adds in some more false allegations about him, and then slanders Republicans for supposedly doing what Democrats do. It is classic psychological projection, so common on the left.